Sunday, June 24, 2012

The day the squirrels attacked

The Day the Squirrels attacked
By Dawson C. Walton

      It started innocently enough at first the elderly woman had no clue that what she was about to do would bring the world to its knees and take mankind of the top of the food chain.

It was a cool October morning setting out on her porch sipping her tea as she usually did when a squirrel a little grey squirrel to be exact came to visit.
     Knowing she had some peanuts inside she walked to the kitchen and placed some in a bowl when she returned to the porch with her tea and the bowl of peanuts the squirrel was still there. Peanut after peanut the squirrel would take the nut from the woman and within minutes it would return for another sometimes bringing a friend to share in the bounty.
   This continued for days and as the days grew shorter and colder more and more squirrels would accompany the first and get their peanuts from the kind woman. On one morning, the woman realized that there were no more peanuts for her little visitors. “Wait little squirrel I do have something for you.”
Remembering that she still had some dog food from when Daisy was alive she decided that the protein would help the little ones through the coming winter.  What she did not know was how the animal by-products would affect her little friends until that day, she ran out. The squirrel assembly had grown from one to over two thousand in the past weeks. And that fateful day the woman went out with her cup of tea, and as always, the squirrels came. “I am sorry my little friends but there is no more food for you.”

     Besides her screams, those were the last words spoken by the kind old woman.  
      When there was no more of the old lady for the squirrels to eat they traveled away on their quest for food. From house to house they searched with their insatiable appetite; they attacked and consumed its occupants from the little girl in curls next door to the Farmers son out riding his bike. The taste that the squirrels had come to love drove them on. Within the weeks that followed the county’s population decreased dramatically while the squirrel population rooming the country side grew into the millions.

If only the kind elderly woman had known that once a squirrel gets the taste of meat in their system the days of nuts and berries are done.

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