Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Dreams trilogy

Dreams: one man’s journey

While we all wish, our dreams would come true this man’s dreams become reality. With the world around him filled with crime and poverty. He uses his newly discovered gift to better the lives of some. However, for the rest, there is hell to pay.

Dreams: Border Wars

After his failed execution our hero is set up with a new identity and sent to a place he had only dreamed of. It did not take long for him to start seeing that our country is being overran with drugs and illegal’s from south of the border. So again he uses his talent to do what he can to help those that are in need and do what the government cannot stop the traffic trade.

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Dreams: One Man’s Journey
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I just got off the phone with Matthew Q. Dawson who is a friend and fellow author he also is major contributor to In the two hours that I was on the phone with him I learned more than in the past two years. People do yourself a favor and look into their website I have and I cannot believe the services that are available. Along with the phone counseling Matt and his associate are more knowledgeable than ANYONE that I have spoken with. My mind is overflowing with the ideas that he suggested. Where i am going wrong and what I am doing correct. My mind is buzzing with the possibilities that I have been missing. 

July 3, 2012 is the date to remember for the best in original

Dreams: Good vs. Evil
By Dawson C. Walton

      This volume of the saga starts with the prison guard who after having contact with our hero contracts the “Gift”. Being the officer in charge of death roll and a firm believer of the death penalty, he and his partner Charlie are the ones that take the condemned on that long walk to the Gas Chamber and the last ones that the inmates deal with. How will he handle his newfound talent when the system wants to abolish the death sentence?
       All the while, the Priest who tried to have our hero repent for his sins also contracts the “Gift." After being transferred to another church to take over the duties of a dying Cardinal he learns of his talent and uses it not for evil but for doing God’s work.
      With time the Guard seeks out a Priest in another city to confess his sins and cleanse his soul. With both realizing that they are not the only one that has the gift, one decides to get rid of the other.

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