Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Our current school system and what I think

On-Line schooling and what I think

Students throughout the state are thriving at MTS Minnesota Connections Academy, a tuition-free online, public charter school giving students the flexibility to learn at home with a curriculum that meets rigorous state education standards. Our school features:
•  Outstanding Curriculum
Our engaging, personalized approach combines the best time-tested resources with those of the latest education innovators, including our own curriculum experts.

•  State-of-the-Art Technology
Our students enjoy a rich learning experience and interact directly with teachers—turning the computer into a virtual classroom.

•  Dedicated Teachers
Connections Academy hires the finest teachers—qualified experts in online instruction, who are passionate about helping each student fulfill his or her potential.

•  Supportive Community
We maintain a vibrant community with numerous clubs and activities, field trips, special projects, academic competitions, group gatherings, and even an annual yearbook.

For one thing why are we paying for two different school systems? We do not have enough money for the one the old one that taught you and I how to read write and the art of arithmetic but yet we are offering a on-line school for those who for God know what reason cannot or will not go to a regular school like their fathers and mothers did.

And they say the following

  • 24-hour Access to Teachers
    Your Minnesota-certified teachers are just a click away, 24 hours a day throughout the school week.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum
    You have a huge selection of over 100 online classes, including NCAA approved Advanced Placement courses.
  • No Distractions
    You'll get engaging and interactive lessons in an online classroom.
  • Parent Portal
    Parents can monitor their child's progress through our new Parent Portal with anytime, anywhere access.
  • No Cost
    Your education is available at no cost to you!

Ok so I am sure you noticed the tuition-free and the no cost to you and you have to be asking yourself “well then who is paying?’

It is you my friend Mr. and Mrs. Taxpayer who are funding these programs and what is wrong with is you ask?

    Well when we cannot afford to pay our teachers a suitable salary and we can no longer support the athletic programs that the school has to offer there is a problem. When a teacher has to go out and get the materials they need to teach with their own money there is a problem. I never had 24-hour access to my teacher. I never had comprehensive curriculum and do not get me started about distractions. I am simply asking “How can we have two school systems available to kids when we are having trouble supporting one?

Dawson C. Walton
The Dream Writer
Plymouth Minnesota

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