Saturday, July 21, 2012

Thunderstruck by Dawson C. walton


Written by Dawson C. Walton

    From the beginning of time there has always been good and evil. Repeatedly, they have engaged in battle against one another in hopes of defeating the other. However, this story is different. Death and destruction has never been one person’s job from time to time a new evil must be brought in order to refresh the ranks. If it be told after a couple of hundred years of causing death and destruction  an entity can and sometimes will go soft sometimes not taking the lives or causing the destruction that is necessary for the balance of the universe. Now this is that story.

Clay knew from early childhood that someone or something was close behind always watching, waiting. He never understood the feelings, but they had made him who he was today a cautious, suspicious man with no real past and a future that was yet to be seen.

    He knew at an early age that he was not like his brothers and sisters. They all had fair skin with blonde hair. It was not until he was sixteen that he learned the truth the truth that would change his life and the lives of those around him, and that day came too soon as it always does.

     While Clay and a friend were away doing what sixteen-year-old, boys do that was when the man dressed in black came to their home inquiring about the young man. He would find out soon that his parents knew this day would come and had prepared for it. When Clay returned home later that afternoon, he found that all his family had been murdered but not in the conventional sense, no they had been ripped apart slowly by some kind of beast. The only one still alive and not by much was his mother.

“Mother hold on I’ll call an ambulance you will be alright” However, he knew different.

“As blood trickled from the corner of her mouth “Clay it is time you know the truth. Go to my dresser the fourth drawer taped under it. You will find an envelope explaining the truth along with instructions on what to do next. Beware the man in black. Clay my son I have--always-- loved you.” As she finished the words, her eyes closed, and he knew she had passed.

Wiping the tears from his eyes, he did as she instructed and retrieved the envelope from its hiding place. Sitting down on the bed, he opened the envelope finding only a single piece of paper and a key.

Dearest Son

    Your father and I have always known this day would come and wanted you to know the truth. Your parents your true parents were both killed. While on a family vacation, we discovered the remains of your father and mother in a car sitting along the highway just outside Denver. They had been brutally murdered you were asleep in the back seat. Feeling sorrow for you; we took you as one of our own and hid the truth from you until we thought you were ready. That day your father and I both knew that, you would do extraordinary things with your life and we both pray that because of us, you are now able to accomplish those things. Take the key to the attic and you will find a trunk, inside you will find what your father and I felt you would need to survive.

P.S go to the cabin. Find the picture with the family.

Love always

Mom and Dad.  

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